MeRegioMobil - Electric Mobility in the Future Energy System

Unique Features of the Project

The unique features of the research project MeRegioMobil are:


Feeding back electrical energy into the smart home

The integration of an electric vehicle into a smart home offers a new possibility in the future to use the vehicle as an energy storage system, able to feed electrical energy back into the grid, for instance, in order to supply required balancing energy and to minimize or avoid the number of bottleneck situations.


Preparation and forming of international standards

The applied protocols and techniques conform to the standards developed within the framework of the ISO/IEC.


High involvement of the automotive industry and a wide range of vehicles

Diverse operation scenarios of electric mobility can be investigated due to the involvement of two large automotive
manufacturers with a wide range of vehicles; pioneering concepts are to be worked out together with the automotive industry.


Interoperability through roaming

Innovative and interoperable concepts will be applied which will enable the client, on one side, to choose a charging station of any energy provider and, on the other side, to use his own contractual energy provider for billing purposes (roaming).


Load management and incorporating navigation data (GPS) in the analysis of usage profiles

The behavior of a single driver can, for example, help predict the required state of charge of the vehicle, with GPS navigation information being used for the optimization process.


Novel telematics services

The process of integrating electric mobility requires appropriate communication protocols, protection of the transmitted data, guarantee of their authenticity and the definition of communication standards.


Testing of innovative and visionary scenarios in the demonstration laboratory

Electric vehicles will be integrated into a smart home, with this scenario providing initial insights into how an electric vehicle can be integrated intelligently into the household.


Simulation studies to supplement fleet tests and laboratory experiments

By means of the integration of simulation components into the real model area, scenarios with real participants, which currently cannot be implemented in detail, can be investigated.


Legal analysis

is of crucial importance to elaborate a legal framework for sensitive data, focusing on data protection and privacy, liability as well as legal and evidence security.